View Full Version : New ATI Catalyst Drivers fix fog problem

27th Dec 2007, 09:05
At last you can get perfect fog with an ATI Graphics Card by using the latest 7.12 Catalyst Drivers. Get them here. (http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx)

These drivers don't need any other utilities such as Rage 3D Tweaks or ATI Tray Tools to get the fog working.

A word of warning - you need to completely uninstall the previous drivers and all the associated garbage before you install the new ones if you want the fog to work properly. It took me four attempts to get it right!

27th Dec 2007, 09:50
Thanks for the good news, ffox. :)

So I guess that ATI users with X1950 and before are all set now.

Are you aware of any word about ATI's DX-10 cards, the 2900, etc.? Do they (like Nvidia's 8000 series), still have crappy colors / textures with Thief 2?