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27th Dec 2007, 07:32
First of all I would like to make excuses for my bad English. It's not my native. But from my part I did my best so everyone could understand what I wanted to tell about.
I've played K&L for about four-five times already because it's a rather good game, I would even say it's the excellent game. Of cause it has its lacks and one should admit that there are a lot of them (for example the old-timed graphics, the rather simple gameplay, bad NPC and so on). But as for me, I love this game for its story and the atmosphere. K&L is something like an interactive movie in criminal genre and it reminded me such masterpieces in this genre as Heat, Naturally Born Killers and Reservoir Dogs.
To my mind it is the story that makes this game to win our hearts and that's why I'd like to discuss it. The reason is that although it is rather good but it still has a lot of holes in it. I still have many questions on which I couldn't find answers during playing. So let me point on the obscure moments...
First, practically we don't know anything about Kane and Lynch. I mean that we know nothing about their past. What was them before they met??? I've read their FBI cases and made a conclusion that Lynch was an ordinary man who had a loved wife and a legal job. But his mental illness (some kind of schizophrenia) ruined his life. His wife was found dead and police indicted Lynch in the murder. Things seem clear with Lynch, but Kane is a more vague person. He was a mercenary, one of the members of the criminal group named The7. But what was his life before The7??? He also had a family... A wife and two kids. A daughter and a son. Well, why the developers didn't mention about his son and about that accident with the gun in the game is still obscure to me. We can only guess about his existance looking at the photo in the very beginning. The case is that he was shot dead while playing with his farther's gun and it could let Kane to stay on the wrong path. I've read it in the FBI case... You can't find it in the game. Why??? I donno. But this is not the haziest thing. You know, one can make me belive that such the tragedy can be the reason of some kind of a depression, alcoholism, family brawls etc. But it's hard for me to believe that it can make a professinal killer experienced in firearms and mortal skills out of an ordinary man. Or maybe Kane wasn't so ordinary??? I mean he might have a police training or something before. A mystery...
Ok, things become more interesting... Venezuala... What really happend there is a big mystery, too. Furthermore, we even don't practically know what The Brothers, Mute and Carlos want Kane to give them back. A briefcase. What is in it?? Friends, turn on your imagination to answer it while playing, 'cause the developers have forgotten to mention about diamands in the game. Thanks God they didn't forget to do this in the game previews.
Besides... What happend to the others two The7 members?? I guess they're dead??
Still I have read that someone pointed the police on that fact that Kane kept firearms at home. Practically this let them to indict Kane in several bank robberies which caused three police officers' deaths. Who was that man that wanted Kane to be kept behind bars?? There isn't a clear answer on this question, either.
And what is a role of Retomoto in this story?? I consider that Kane had a business with him before. And what the debt was Kane talking about while cutting Retomoto's face?? I guess Retomoto made that scar to him, but what for what that stay unclear to me.
Well, as you can see there are a lot of questions. I would even say it's a little part of uncertain things. Certainly the developers may have left replies for the sequel. If not then it's a serious omission, I think. Perhaps someone have any ideas on that, so please write... Let's discuss it...

27th Dec 2007, 10:04
one of the biggest questions i have is from the bank, where kane is attempting to retrieve his money.
he refers to some old person who took the money.
who is this? why would he have known how to get to it?
maybe i missed something, but that is a rather large plot hole.

27th Dec 2007, 11:05
one of the biggest questions i have is from the bank, where kane is attempting to retrieve his money.
he refers to some old person who took the money.
who is this? why would he have known how to get to it?
maybe i missed something, but that is a rather large plot hole.

Probably Retomoto. His old. He got his briefcase where you kill him.

27th Dec 2007, 11:44
Probably Retomoto. His old. He got his briefcase where you kill him.
yeah, sure it's Retomoto.

27th Dec 2007, 14:40
Okay here is Kane's story from what I know.

Kane was in the army and he had his service pistol at home, and his son found it and shot himself and died. His wife got pissed at him and left because she told him she didnt want him to have a gun around the children, so I think then he joined The7.

28th Dec 2007, 10:30

Real name Adam Marcus.Originally worked as a consultant for large companies that outsource work to other countries. His relatively normal life takes a turn for the worse when his two-year-old son Stephen finds his gun, shoots himself with it and dies. Two weeks after, Kane is unable to cope and seeing the blame put squarely on him by his wife, he skips the country. He becomes a mercenary, and after six years of putting his acquired skills to good work, he is contacted by a mysterious group known only as The7. "A brotherhood of unlimited power," The7 are looking to add Kane to their ranks. They promise him riches which also come with stringent rules. If those rules are ever broken, Kane is a dead man. He works for the mercenary organization for thirteen years. When their retirement job in Venezuela goes horribly wrong, Kane's entire team ends up dead (or so he thinks). He manages to escape with a fortune in diamonds. He flees, but the authorities catch up to him and he is sentenced to death. It is unknown where or how Kane got the distinctive scar running from his forehead, across his right eye down to his right cheek (Though it's possible that it had something to do with previous dealings with the Yakuza crimelord, Retomoto, because when Retomoto is killed, Kane makes the same cut across Retomoto's eye). It should be noted that Kane cares a lot about his daughter Jenny, knowing that he will die when he gets the money, but his daughter will be spared (see below). He has a good friendship with The7 member, Carlos, since Carlos tried to have Kane's family saved.

Real name James Seth Lynch. A paranoid schizophrenic who made a blue collar living in a meat packing plant. He needs a large amount of prescription pills to keep his volatile nature under control. Lynch ends up on death row, after one of his 'blackouts' resulted in the brutal murder of his wife Anna. Soon after his 911 call, he went on the run (believing someone else had killed her) but was finally caught and sentenced to death. It is never clear if he is the victim of a set-up or that he really has killed due to his delusions.

28th Dec 2007, 18:53
That's the thing with the flashbacks. Everytime Kane hits the ground you can "hear" the past. You can hear his wife screaming at him because he kept a gun at home. You can hear a shot and something droping to the floor, before Kane said "No, just -". Could be his son. I think the flashbacks are one of the best parts in the game.

To your other question: Some of The7 survived. They gave the tip.
I read the Playboy Interview with Kane. He said that The7 marks their people if they **** up things. The more you **** up, the more visible the scar will be. I remember a flashback where one of The7 said "Kane you always **** up!". I say that Retomoto bought The7 for his Yakuza Gangwar. Kane ****ed up and Retomoto gave him the scare, Retomoto definitely was the one who gave him the scar.

Btw. Retomoto is the old ****er Kane was talking about, that's why he kidnapped Yoko, to get the other briefcase.

Btw. Peter Stack helps: www.peterstack7.com

Dexter O
1st Jan 2008, 02:26
1. The two dead members of The7 were the guys that Kane left behind in Venezuela.
2. We are slightly enlightened on the tragedy of Kane's son in his dying thoughts. It is also written in the game manual in his FBI case file.
3. I guess it doesn't really matter what was in the brief case, it was valuable to The7, diamonds, money, it doesn't really matter.
4. Kane could have got his scar in a number of ways if you think about it. Kane was romantically involved with Yoko at one point, Retomoto's daughter. Retomoto his a high ranking Yakuza crime lord, he probably didn't take kindly to his daughter dating an honorless mercenary. He probably gave him that scar in some sort of honour bound punishment.
5. Kane trained as a mercenary for six years after his son died, giving him all the military expertise he needed.
6. Retomoto is the old guy that took the briefcase.

Don't forget, IO are working on a sequel so loose ends should be tied up.

1st Jan 2008, 19:05
A sequel will make me happy.