View Full Version : 6800GT not supported?

26th Dec 2007, 10:52
Is this list faulty or is the Geforce 6800GT seriously not supported by K&L?


It supports ****ty cards like 6200 and 7100 that probably won't run the game anyway but not the 6800? What's up with that?

28th Dec 2007, 16:46
No, its not true. The game also runs with Sm2 Cards but i couldtn see one of it on the page. The page is bull****.

28th Dec 2007, 19:50
Thanks, great to know you have to rely on the community when you get a product that doesn't work:thumbsup:

Companies ***** about pirates and then they throw crap like this at decent consumers, way to go! I've tried every imaginable fix and called tech support numerous times but to no avail.