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25th Dec 2007, 23:47
Well, I haven't been on the forums in quite a while, so I am not completely sure that this is new so forgive me.

Well I have gotten the new issue for the month of Janurary for the "Play" Magazine, and I am absolutely THRILLED of all the news that I have learned.

Tomb Raider 8 (working title)... is amazing. The writer who wrote the article was able to play a demo of the game. Here are some of their quotes:

"The new Lara is a marval to behold. Her subtle muscalarity , skin, definition, around the knees, back, muddy knees is amazing.

"Speaking of the rain, the way it cascades down her body, around her neck, and into the small of her back is for lack of a better word, insane."

Ooh and another thing I noticed from the screenshots.

*When raining, she is prone to slipping.
*From the looks of it, she can aim one of her dual pistols at one enemy, and the other at another enemy.
*Corpses and fallen environment will stay and not dissappear.
*Lara interacts with the environment greatly.
*Hardly any human enemies, Mostly animals and other creatures.
*When hanging on a ledge, Lara is able to shoot with one of her dual pistols.
*Lots of exploration and puzzles, along with her bike.
*Southern Mexico LEVEL
*Lara should sweat appropriately.


They said they wanted to decrease as much HUD as possible.
And, on one of the screenshots, there are no cross hairs.

26th Dec 2007, 02:26
Sounds like the perfect package. Anyone know the news on the limit of your weapons or is that gone *gets hopes up* :scratch: .

26th Dec 2007, 02:49
Wow, it sounds amazing. I hope that the game is exactly as they say. If they've already played a demo...then maybe...:D

26th Dec 2007, 08:17
Couldn't agree more: 'Sounds like a perfect package'

A lot of thinking has been put into this one, and it looks this will be the best one yet, I just hope I don't need an amazing grpahics card for this one:(

26th Dec 2007, 10:27
Here's to hoping that for those of us that prefer it, we can only use the pistols! heh (one of my fav things about Legend)

26th Dec 2007, 14:26
As I can see this game will be the best TR ever...I hope:D

26th Dec 2007, 18:09
Here's to hoping that for those of us that prefer it, we can only use the pistols! heh (one of my fav things about Legend)

That's all i ever used in legends and anniversary... He pistols the old ones u had to use the other weopons and i rele didnt like them that much lol!!!!

27th Dec 2007, 15:25
She's gonna sweat? It's about time. All that work she does and she's never once broke a sweat.

No sweat marks though please...:rolleyes: