View Full Version : MadCatz Xbox 360 Controller NOT DETECTED for PC version

25th Dec 2007, 06:59
Grr... Stupid PC game forcing me to buy an Xbox360 controller - So I did (If I had the right mind, I would sue Eidos for giving Micro$oft this butt kiss). I bought the Mad Catz 360 controller, not the vanilla version xbox 360 controller. Only when I try to select co-op campaign mode, I'm given the message "You need one or two Xbox360 controllers in order to play Co-op." What gives?

Yes, I've downloaded and installed the Microsoft common controller driver update.
The X light is lit green and it is detected through windows.. So there's nothing wrong with the controller or windows.
Also, in the game's main menu, I can hit the X button and it brings me to the Windows Live screen, so it is being detected through the game, but not in the sense to allow me to play co-op. What the h*ll.


26th Dec 2007, 10:40
Im sorry you have waited so long for such a simple answer. And no! your question was quite valid.

For some insanely stupid reason, you have not be using an original MS 360 controller or a remote 360 with the wireless MS gaming receiver. The receiver is a little usb connector that costs about $20. Thats how I got things going on mine.

I hope this helps.

26th Dec 2007, 19:59
So I need the original xbox 360 controller to play this game. I have a wired madcatz x360 controller and that won't work. Wow, but the original is so much more expensive than the madcatz one. The madcatz one is only 30 bux, and the xbox 1 is like 49 dollars. 10 dollars can buy me 2 buffalo chicken wraps at this really popular restaurant in my town and these bcw wraps are the best thing on earth, no lie.

27th Dec 2007, 10:14
yeah, i have the exact same problem.

apparently there is little we can do.

either someone can make a patch that allows it
or we have to go out and pay for new controllers
for a game full of glitches and plot holes,
not to mention the obvious inadequacies of windows live.

27th Dec 2007, 22:32
I have a regular 360 controller with cord not wireless and it doesnt work with kane and lynch pc version, it works only with windows live menu but not in game but my controller works with crysis perfect and gears of war, face it kane and lynch is a pile of ****