View Full Version : From Vertical To horizontal splitscreen in PC

24th Dec 2007, 12:23
Hi All,
I recently purchased the game (PC version) and have been playing with a friend. We play split screen coop with 2 360 wireless controllers.

We started off playing the game in horizontal split screen, but a few times now and then it has started the game in vertical split screen. I prefer vertical anyway.

But I was wondering has anyone else had this problem? Is this known bug or not? I prefer vertical split screen but I want to get it sorted if I can. Some advice would be appreciated.


26th Dec 2007, 03:25
Devs or anyone please say something so I dont sound like a total tool!

26th Dec 2007, 10:35
Ok guys, I figured it out. It all depends on your resolution/aspect ratio. Well, it may have been obvious, so call me an idiot if you like cuz I dont care.

Thanks for all the feedback.....not! It seems there is some kind of club that opperates here.

Well, I think the game is quite good.