View Full Version : Favorite FFIV location?

30th May 2012, 21:46
Come on, guys, what is it? :) Mine woulod be fabul castle.

its so great I even remade it minecraft :)

www.planetminecraft.com/project/fabul-ca... (http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/fabul-castle-ff-iv/)

30th May 2012, 22:14
Tororia has the most soothing music, great architecture, and you're always surrounded by beautiful babes. I'd ride my chocobo there anyday.

31st May 2012, 12:46
Mine was Either the Moon, the Shrine on Mount Ordeals, or if general location, Mysidia. Just because of how mischievious the music sounds XD

1st Jun 2012, 18:47
Mysidia/Mount Ordeals. For some reason, I never minded grinding there to level Palom/Porom.

1st Jun 2012, 18:58
The Moon for me.

24th Aug 2012, 23:37
I love the Tower of Babil. The music is so good.

28th Aug 2012, 17:10
my favorite areas is the areas between the opening and ending credits of the game lmao . But seriously tho, The Tower of Zot, especailly on the nintendo ds version. It was challenging, couldnt leave even if u wanted, and it played the Golbez theme all the way thru the area. luv me some FF IV

24th May 2013, 03:40
Mine would be the Land of Summoned Monsters. Always loved going there and finding out they all lived in houses for once instead of crystals lol.

30th May 2013, 23:30
I thought the Feymarch was pretty cool with the summoned monsters, but I also really liked the Dwarf Castle and the Developer's Room.

23rd Aug 2013, 03:01
I too vote for the moon :)