View Full Version : How to change the secrets total in Level Editor?

22nd Dec 2007, 09:23

I'm not all that new to the Level Editor but I am new to these forums. I've completed a short 3-level game with a total of 16 secrets, but I'm having trouble changing the secret total. You know when you hit 'Pause' and then 'Statistics'? You get the stats, including 'Secrets Found'. Well, I've been fiddling around with the Script and I can't manage to change the total from the default '70' to '16'. PLEASE, PLEEEEEEAAAASE tell me how to change this. It's strange how much a tiny detail like this can bother me!:nut:

Looking forward to some replies, laracroftlover:)

22nd Dec 2007, 13:52

I think you can change the amount of secrets is by TREP. You'll have to do some scavanging to find it, though.

23rd Dec 2007, 05:23
hmm.... TREP... anybody know where to find it?... Or, does anyone know of another way to change the secrets total with the Script? I can't help feeling that there is some way to work it out in the Script, just dunno how. But thanks for the reply, I'll look into it!

23rd Dec 2007, 14:59


24th Dec 2007, 05:45
The only way to change the total secrets is to hack tomb4.exe and that is what TREP does.