View Full Version : MISC. Alpha Feedback

7th Dec 2013, 22:12
Generally enjoy the game a lot right now only played like 7 games so far so I'm holding judgment on a lot of things.

Like the aesthetics and overall presentation of the game, no problem there.

Combat is fun and i would say balanced for the most part.

Only thing that caught my eye was one game the 4 Reavers chained pounce with little counterplay from the humans. not necessarily imba, we probably failed to adapt to it.

by keeping 2 humans locked down they could score kills and still retreat, or buy enough time to chain pounce again.

Other then that playing as the vampires i would encounter a weird interaction with climbing

I attempt to scale something then either get teleported down (still scaling) and have to rescale or end up higher then the wall still scaling and get teleported to the top of the building.

May be lag in my case or just a case of something needing to be smoothed out.

As for suggestions? in the chat, make the players name colored black, (or purple or whatever)

then the usual blue red for friend/foe, otherwise its a bit weird knowing who you are talking to, (i don't usually keep track of names mid game) and if the enemy is saying something I have to think if or not it applies to me.