View Full Version : Are you tired of playing the waiting game??

Lionitus of Sparta
18th Dec 2007, 06:20
Are you tired of playing the waiting game??? Everytime I join a game, whether it be ranked or player matched, I am always waiting on one more player to join the match. I'm not sure if it is the lack of players that are online or who have purchased the game itself, but its always ...3 players connected...waiting for one more player!! I'll spend an hour waiting on someone to join, get tired and leave the match in attempt to find another one to fill quicker. BUT, only to find out that the match that I just left filled the empty slots. Yes, IO and Eidos need to fix alot of SP issues, but MP is where the replay value is. I believe "Fragile Alliance" is a brilliant concept, if only the "van"(Eidos, IO) could get us to the bank!! Although I may get slanged for saying this, but I think Eidos should take some pointers from other successful multiplayer games. COD4 for instance, there is never a problem finding an online match, granted, there are about 400,000 people playing it, but none the less. Bottom line, I spend more time trying to find a match with enough people than actually pulling the trigger. Come on Eidos, where ya at?

Lionitus of Sparta
18th Dec 2007, 06:28
There have been rumors that the DEVs are making new maps and weapons. Great, I'm all for it. But don't you think they should fix what they are lacking on right now....BEFORE they make new maps??! FAILED TO JOIN GAME SESSION - YOU WILL NOW BE DIRECTED TO THE MAIN MENU. Why am I being directed to the main menu? Quit wasting my time Eidos, I have alot more games to search through and wait on other players than to be booted back to the main menu where I again must begin a new quest. HERE OUR VOICES EIDOS & IO, HEAR US CLEARLY!!!! Yes we want new maps and weapons, but please, fix the game that we have right now before you attempt to "tack on" something to keep us entertained like a bunch of monke....oh look new maps!

29th Dec 2007, 23:44
good post man, its official...the online service sucks!!

30th Dec 2007, 00:54
I played 4 great games today. and won them all. I am having fun.

this game is like a knife laced peice of candy.

30th Dec 2007, 12:50
yeah its an awesome game when it doesnt cut all the players off all the time

Lionitus of Sparta
31st Dec 2007, 00:34
Oh dearest Candle, I do agree with you there. WHEN you do get the chance to play online, it's awesome. I honestly have to say, DEVs, if you are reading this post- kudos, major kudos to the fragile alliance mode. It's the kind of interactive multiplayer scenario that breaks the mold with traditional gameplay styles. And to the readers/gamers that have yet to purchase this game, if you do catch wind that there has been an update that addresses many issues that hinder this game, YOU MUST PURCHASE IT!!! I know that you have all read the reviews/stories about the online play, but you literally have to watch the player to your left and right! INNER-MONOLOGUE- 'is this guy gonna whack me once I get the loot'..."Oh yeah Hey Buddy!! Yeah, stealing money from this mall is awesome, especially when we work together to kill the security guards, yeah...uh-huh, hahaha!!" And then your small inner voice says.. "Just don't **** ing kill me, OK!" And to the DEVs - remember back before you became a DEV, what was it that inspired you to create games? Was it profit? The women? NO, it wasn't any of those things, IT WAS THE EXPERIENCE, and having an AWESOME EXPERIENCE. You worked hard to create the game that lays before you, show the gamers of the world that you are committed to producing a quality product. Your higher ups say, "This game has produced minimal profit, the entire development team is fired... FIRED BOB, I SAY GENEVA, YOU HEAR HELSINKI?!?" Well shame on them. Let's go DEVs, I'm behind you as well as the gaming community, FIX OUR GAME!!!

31st Dec 2007, 01:34
Agree, Lionitus.

Lionitus of Sparta
12th Jan 2008, 17:09
Who out there is currently playing the PS3/PC version? Previously I was playing the PS3 version. One of my biggest quirks was the lack of chat within the server. Well, the XBOX360 version supports this! And I know that controller preference differs from player to player, but since switching the the 360 version, the overall gaming experience is so much better. The 360 controller ROCKS with this game. Button manipulation is much easier with the design scheme of the 360 controller as opposed to the PS3 controller. The SP gameplay seems to be more well rounded, less glitches and tinks than the PS3 version. I think the only drawback is the view distance is slightly shorter, but I say slightly(I'm somewhat of a graphics hog, I can notice the small things) the average gamer won't be able to tell the difference.

In my previous posts, I talked about the headache that is joining an online game. Again, maybe it was caused by the lack of people that acutally purchased the game or have online service!? Or maybe the PSN just can't compare to LIVE!! The 360 version is dramatically better(Thanks LIVE!!) As I said: VOIP is supported, it's much easier to join a game that will fill up quicker, there aren't as many hick-ups that redirect you to the main menu-it does happen, but not as much as on PSN, the graphics seem to be a bit sharper, but the view distance is not as good as the PS3( not a significant factor to gameplay), framerates appear to be quicker-smoother gameplay. And there are some other graphical differences that I noticed but not mention worthy.

Lastly, there is the rumble support. I know, I know...it's not that big of a deal, but it does add to the overall environmental grab that the game creates. I haven't seen or played a game that uses the rumble support like K&L. Most games just rattle for every action, everything feels the same. But with this game, when you reload a magazine(yes, that is the correct name, not a "clip")there is a slight vibration, but the vibrations have ranges so to say. Think of an extremely hard rumble, you know the kind that makes alot of noise if you were to leave the controller on a table, hard surface, etc., think of that as a High rumble. Now think of the lowest rumble that can be felt, a Low rumble. SO, when reloading or some other movements that don't really cause alot of vibrations normallly, the controller will change from little highs and little lows, giving you a different controller experience. Shooting the assorted weapons in the games feels good through the rumble support. And there are other instances that the rumble differs from other games, but nothing mention worthy.

Again, if you haven't purchased this game, you must! I know that there was an update for the game a few weeks ago that changed some minor issues, but the 360 version is by far the best of the 2 consoles.(don't hate me for having both) Also, one thing that I have come to realize is that game reviews depict the views of that one person, and alot of times, they have done many follow ups of that game throughout it's development, so they don't exactly have that fresh outlook on the game like we do as gamers. Jeff Gerstmann said that the game uses explicit use of the "F" word. It does, but in a creative fashion. Think about it, if you were just knocked out of a prison transport, forced to rob a bank, partnered up with a psychopath...wouldn't you be using the "F" word incontently?!?!? I'm in the military and I already use it without remorse, so it just adds more depth to the overall experience, which is what I believe most gamers want. So!! Take heed to the words of wisdom that I have spout at you!! I'll see you on the servers, Lionitus OUT!