View Full Version : Ati / Sound Blaster Audigy, how i got game to run decent(sorry nvidia)

InSaNeMaN 007
18th Dec 2007, 05:30
I dont have a Nvidia card to try, and the ATI card i am using is a hunk of crap (9700 Pro AIW), maybe this will work on your setup, maybe not, but i thought it might help some people

First little performance boost...Uninstalled Net framework 2.0/3.0
and if you do this you cant use newer drivers that need it installed.
I found and i tryed alot of drivers, the 5.11 cats are the fastest on my setup, compared to the 7.10 / 7.11 with Net framework, 5.11 much quicker

turn everything down low well on my system i had to, you may not need to if you have better graphic card and or ram/cpu


i got in direct x properties ( run command- and type dxdiag) and i turned my sound acc down to basic the one right before off, this was biggest improvement overall, then in game set my sound to open al and selected the one that had my sound card model or whatever, i use sound blaster audigy 2 wich in game said something like E800

let me know if it helps at all, and i barely crash anymore