View Full Version : Eidos releases CONFLICT: DENIED OPS renders and screenshots

17th Dec 2007, 20:39
Eidos Interactive has released 2 renders and 6 screenshots from CONFLICT: DENIED OPS, that will come out in 2008 on PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

Click HERE (http://www.qgamo.com/games/conflictdeniedops/renders.asp) to view the renders.

Click HERE (http://www.qgamo.com/games/conflictdeniedops/screens2.asp) to view the screenshots.

CONFLICT: DENIED OPS is developed by Pivotal Games and published by Eidos Interactive.

SOURCE: www.qgaom.com | newspage: http://www.qgamo.com/news/2007121703/

7th Jan 2008, 17:57
Wow - the in-game screenshots aren't aren't that great, but still much better than the 'renders'.

Thing is, I didn't pickup any of the Conflict series for the graphics anyway - I picked them up, every one of them, for the gameplay; and if the gameplay is being reduced to a clone of EA's "Army of Two", things aren't going to be looking too well for what was once my hands-down favorite console shooter. :(