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rabid metro
17th Dec 2007, 06:22
Tomb Raider Underworld isn't "official" yet, but that should get rectified this week. :cool:
Read about the dynamic collision system over at TombRaiderChronicles. (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/headlines3367.html)

17th Dec 2007, 09:54
That is your coolest signature yet, Rabid.

rabid metro
17th Dec 2007, 12:13
* ... returns a holiday season cookie *

* ... smiles from ear to ear *

William Croft
17th Dec 2007, 15:49
Oh... Really I thought it was.... Anyway very cool sig. I wanna do one like that but i cant.. I guess you need macromedia flash :scratch: Anyway it isn't officle...:eek: Who woulda thought it...

Great sig... :thumbsup:

rabid metro
17th Dec 2007, 16:27
.... silly rabids, sigz are for ... amusement, hehehe.
(thanks for the kind comments)

let's keep this on the down low (as in underworld). :cool:

17th Dec 2007, 16:36
"That all sounds very well, but what are we going to do about the Eye-talian?"

Sorry, I meant to say "scripted environments." (I'm a little too excited about the upcoming release of Sweeny Todd. :D )

I want to be able to make Lara do what I want, when I want, not just when the programmers have decided Lara can do it. Lara should grab when I tell her to, regardless of whether the programmers have programmed an "object" to be grabbable. (Is that a word? Eh, you get the idea.)

William Croft
17th Dec 2007, 16:59

Very true.. Couldnt have said it better my self.. I think CD should take that in mind with the upcoming TRU

17th Dec 2007, 17:12
I think the walls shouldn't be as abvious in a way, but like lara shoud be able to climb any walls and make sure there are some loose blocks the like one of the things she is holding on to walls of so Lara falls but you have to be quick and press hold again so lara grabs the cloest block to her and then press another button so her other hand is also supporting her. (sorry that was one of my dream moment again.)

17th Dec 2007, 17:57
Exactly. Lara should be able to try to climb anything like in the old games. Legend and Anniversary were disappointing in how they programmed Lara out of areas she *should* be able to get to.

Example: The T-Rex pit. Later in the game Lara is perfectly able to climb to that height, but not there. Either give us a proper obstacle or give us opportunities. The programmers shouldn't just change the rules because they've decided THEY want Lara to do something in a certain way.

It drives me batty when programmers change the rules just to make something more "challenging." (I'm looking at YOU, Twin-Generals-Fight in POP:TTT. :mad2: )

17th Dec 2007, 19:04
I just think that Cd should make walls less visable like in PoP you can't really tell if you can climb a ledge (but then again if you fail, you can go back in time)
But imagine if Lara could climb a wall which in real life was able to climb. Like a mountain wall, and if you went on a curtain rock it fell out and you had to press a button quickly so lara would grab the closest rock before she fell to her death. It just a random idea what is sticking in my head for some unknown reason.