View Full Version : I Cant Start Kane and Lynch pls read

12th Dec 2007, 15:41
i have Window XP 32 Pro SP2 with all Updates

system : ATI 3870 with 7.11 driver
Core²Duo X6850 @ 4 GHz
gigabyte P35 DS4
2 GB DDR2 1000
250 GB HDD

I have a high end system but i cant start the game .

This i my error :

AppName: kaneandlynch.exe AppVer: ModName: kaneandlynch.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00392371

I have the Original Game with The original CD Key

Pls Help me

12th Dec 2007, 17:55
we're waiting for the patch for 2 weeks, not only you have this problem

26th Dec 2007, 22:52
I have the same problem. when is this going to be fixed? I was able to play the game for a little one day then all the sudden it wont even start up. I'm so angry. Best buy wont let me exchange it either.

Appname: kaneandlynch.exe
Modname: kaneandlynch.exe
Offset: 00392371

If anyone has ANY info. let me know. Eidos support team SUCKS!

27th Dec 2007, 00:54
Maybe you should try a reinstall. If you havnt. Would be wise to close ALL programs in the background while reinstalling it.

29th Dec 2007, 03:09
Hello all,

Don't waste your time, been there, done that; **** everything has been tried and a lot of people still get the same error you get. :scratch: The difference is that I can play up to the bank lobby in the third chapter and then it always crashes. And by the way we have been waiting for the patch for over a month ! :mad2: Happy New Year !

4th Oct 2009, 07:01

AppName: kaneandlynch.exe AppVer: ModName: kaneandlynch.exe
ModVer: Offset: 00048024

bought the game a month ago just tried installing it now. I see that you guys are going on about some 'patch'? hopefully because the comments were back in 2007 all is good and someone can help me?????

I have installed it and can't even open the game up before this error message comes up and forces me to shut it down.

Help would be great


4th Oct 2009, 11:22
Jesus Christ i was getting hysterical seeing a new topic getting 2235 views in a matter of hours ...
Turns out it's a two year old topic so you can imagine my relief ...

This is one of the reasons i quit PC gaming years ago because with almost every game i bought there's always a problem , graphic card isn't good enough , game was lagging , game won't even start and so forth ...
Console gaming on the other hand was easy , just pop the disc in and play , and make sure you have a memory card to save your game ...

Anywya since i'm obviously not helping you i'll just shut up now ...

4th Oct 2009, 21:14
haha wow way to give disappointment I quickly logged in to see if someone has given me a solution and.....

nah all good.

My hands were built for keyboards not controllers lol hopefully I will fix this problem

4th Oct 2009, 22:26
This game is known by quite a few people to be a disappointment , so if even this forum can disappoint you , well then chances are this is a great start ! ...

Whatever , some of the other frequent users on this forums plays on the PC , they'll certainly be more helpful than me , i just don't know where they are though , they're usually here on sunday ...

Why am i always alone in this forum ? ...
I sometimes get the impression i live here , that this forum is my huge mansion , and people come and go , leaving me to fight insanity ...

For that matter why am i still posting on this thread ? people are going to say i have no life if i keep going on like this , goddamn it ...