View Full Version : the story - what do we do from here?

12th Dec 2007, 15:11
when i heard that the were coming out with DX:IW, i was both thrilled, and i thought - "how the hell are they going to pick up the story?" i mean - there were three different endings, one in which JC merges with the world most powerful AI, one where he sends the world back to the stone age, and one where he joins the Illuminati to rule the world. these seemed pretty mutually exclusive to me, but apparently the writers figured out how to combine them into a scenario where JC's merger with the AI causes the world communications to collapse and the Illuminati take the opportunity to rule the world.

so how are they going to make a sequel to DX2? i mean seriously your choices are: 1. a nano-swarm is released so that nobody can ever be nano-auged again.
2. a nano-swarm is released so that everybody is nano-auged and linked together in a hive mind.
3. humanity is completely wiped out save for a collection of cyborgs linked together in a hive mind.
4. the illuminati take over and everything returns to the status quo, global economy is up, and yes - big brother is still watching you.

i just don't see how you can reconcile these scenarios. it kind of reminds me of planet of the apes - the original planet of the apes was made as kind of an art film, but Fox noticed that it made serious bank, so they produced a sequel. the writers were kind of disappointed by this - they thought the original story should stand alone, and not be exploited for profit - so they whipped up an ending to this one that made a sequal impossible: they blew up the freakin planet.

not that i'm saying that the dev team of DX2 were trying to prevent the creation of DX3, i'm just noting the trend of the games being increasingly difficult to follow up.