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12th Dec 2007, 02:29
This might seem like a n00bish question, but can someone outline the controls for BSM on the Xbox 360? I have the PC version, and if you're checking out the General section I need data regarding the XBox 360 controls in order to complete my guide. Credit will be given to the person who provides it, naturally! And you get a cookie.


12th Dec 2007, 03:09
You can post it in the Gen for. if you want, any ways, back goes to menu, RT is fire, LT changes weapons, A set way points/ choose target/switch ship, B cancels them, thumb sticks control free lock, and movement/speed, up on D-pad raises sub, down submerges it, change units(out of formation) left-right D-pad, in formation up-down on D-pad, pull down LT for bombs/torps, hold RT to follow payload, Y is bonocs, hold X for command menu, LB goes to repair screen, RB is for the Hanger/Shipyard(to launch), zoom in and out on map with RT/LT, Start pauses. I think I got most/all, I may have left out some obvious things, like zooming with bonocs use one of the thumb sticks.

PS When in the map click in the left thumbstick, use D-pad, choose name, click A, then you have given a ship to your teammate, NOTE: you cannot be useing (in it) the unit/building that you are giving.

12th Dec 2007, 14:20
I just filled in what I could. Here's the data I currently have. Please tell me of any necessary revisions.
What I have now (http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Battlestations:_Midway/Controls)

BSM has a lot of controls, so I don't blame you for forgetting the really simple things.
Highlight Option
Change setting / Mode Slider
Confirm / Next Menu
Cancel / Previous Menu

Activate Tactical Map ("RTS Mode")
Jump In
Open Chat Window

Show / Hide objectives (map)
Cycle Objectives

Zoom binoculars / periscope

Switch to AA/Artillery/Torpedoes/Depth Charges (Computer players can use the keyboard to switch instantly, I don't know if the Xbox has the same ability)

Flying controls (Pitch, yaw, roll, throttle)

You also never mentioned which thumbstick controls look and which one controls ship direction =P

Again, BSM has a lot of controls, so it's highly likely to forget some. Thanks for your help,

12th Dec 2007, 20:53
This thread is done now/combined with others...