View Full Version : chrashing 3/4 times and going slow rest of the time

11th Dec 2007, 12:39

i have tried this game today and it chrashes almost all the times! or its going slow (1-5fps)

i have following :

win xp sp2
amd dualcore 4400+
4GB ddr2 memory
geforce 8500 512 ddr3

i have read the support and downloaded amd dualcore optimizer and change keyboard to ps/2 connection.

what i can see is that i have higher level than req. and installed all patches to get it running.

or is this game just not finished?

11th Dec 2007, 13:21
have noticed that the game never crash, it runs smoothly for 1-2s and then freeze up.
making the alt-tab thing makes the game run smoothly for 1-2sec again and then freeze.

its somthing that makes the game to freeze anyway and i have tried as i sayed before all the tips & trix patches at this forum and none works!

guess i have to take a lineticket for the patch!