View Full Version : Hacienda Level Help...

11th Dec 2007, 03:00
Help needed please at the end of the Hacienda level where Jenny is sitting at the fountain as you enter the courtyard.
I realise that you have to shoot the mine but I either get shot REALLY quickly or I die from the mine's explosion.

Do you have to move backwards/away before shooting?

Do you shoot the mine as soon as you gain control or do you wait till the end of the cut scene where your character says
"No, not in front of her..."?



11th Dec 2007, 04:11
just once you get control of Kane after the cutscene don't move and shoot the mine, you wont die from bullets or explosions. and it isn't necessary to listen to shoot the mine after the brothers stop talking cause once they do they get their guys to shoot the hell out of you.