View Full Version : mouse problems in-game

10th Dec 2007, 17:53
im playin kane and lynch and the mouse pointer sometimes is just a little weird, it go up and down, im getting just a little crazy with it.

some help please

10th Dec 2007, 23:50
when im playin kane and lynch the mouse pointer sometimes turns weird,
the mouse pointer go up and later it returns to its normal position.

anyone with mouse pointer problems in-game?
what can it be?
video drivers?

12th Dec 2007, 18:09
i have a microsoft wireless desktop, and it seems that this is the problem, ive changed the mouse and it runs normal.
but i wanna play with it, anyone?

1st Sep 2008, 00:42
my mouse used to jump around with this game...in the menu you could see it jump to a side, but in-game your aim would just circle around or something...

what you do is go to control panl, search for device manager...then turn off all human interface devices (HID) in the folders HID and mice...

except when you disable your mouse, enable that HID back...

im guessing the game gets confused between your mouse and other such devices