View Full Version : Ps3 K&L completed today

9th Dec 2007, 05:59
hoho...i have to admit the game story was real nice..
graphics were what i thought would be still nice - same concept as freedom fighters that i liked..nice campagin missions..and the 2 ending LOL ..i was like omg..
controls were hard get used to at first but after while easy days just need not hold the fire button down :P quick burst/ touches of fire button

i completed on medium lvl, was just right for me.. got really tricky when i went to havana think it was, had solo the first part that city :P
then move my men up

only problem was when i went go online with ps3 version couldn see the ranked tables and unable play any ranked games ..dunno why dont matter baught game for single play anway -

thanks was nice game i liked



Possible k&L 2?:P