View Full Version : problem at spy level

8th Dec 2007, 01:41
Hello. I seem to be stuck on the level where I am a spy & I have to place explosives on vehicles. I am in German uniform & and no matter what I do I cannot get to the vehicles. I keep getting exposed and shot. Anyone able to help out?

4th Jan 2008, 00:48
Well... soldiers will recognize soldiers but not non coms and officers, non coms will recognize non coms and soldiers, but not officers, officers will recognize officers and soldiers and non coms, but not generals, and Gestapo will recognize everybody.

Try to stay hidden if you have a lesser rank, upper ranks give an advantage.


10th Mar 2008, 22:41
That mission is easy. I even killed every person on the map without getting shot. I even went out of my way to kill the three guys at the beginning. Follow guards who are pacing ALONE. When they are out of sight of anyone, choke them. Plant explosives on objects that are barely guarded.


When trying something risky, hit F5 to quicksave. If something goes horribly wrong, hit F9 to reload to that last point. This helps a boat load in the end of the game.