View Full Version : Incredible Game so far but desperately need help *spoiler*

7th Dec 2007, 07:56
I have been playing through Kane and Lynch on normal difficult and I'm really enjoying it, as I have been a fan of the recent Hitman and Tomb Raider games. However I'm at the Havana level where you find Jenny in the courtyard area. You and Lynch stand there and I have tried at least twenty-five times to either run or shoot the guys as soon as they're done talking but the guys on the balconies shoot me quick every time. I'm either doing something completely wrong or this is one the hard moments in video games I've ever played. If anyone has any pointers or would be willing to say how they did this part I'd really appreciate it. Thanks,

7th Dec 2007, 15:59
If Its What I Think It Is Just Shoot The Mine Near the Body Of Carlos And Then Shoot The Enemys On The Balcony.