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6th Dec 2007, 20:00
Well, before I start off, I want to tell you, I've just joined Eidos forums to discuss Kane&Lynch. With that said, I wanna tell you about what I liked and disliked, and would generally like to get your opinions on it.

I've been tracking this game since the day it was announced. I counted every month till it was released, and bought it the day it hit the shelves here in Turkey. I was particularly hoping for a realistic action game combined with great next-gen graphics. Non-pirate games are so unaffordable here, and my choice was with this one, although after reading some various comments on sites like GS, i had serious doubts about it.

The story is tied in really well with real-time cutscenes, which mostly include environments that look and feel great, voice-overs that makes you believe that the events are happening and solid dialogues, with, of course, lots of "F"'s in them. Everyone knows the story, so Im gonna skip that part. The graphics, especially the characters are incredibly detailed. Personally, I've never seen an ear detailed so accurately in any game up-to-date. (Maybe Crysis has it, dunno). The facial expressions, animations, clothing, scars and everything looks awesome. Explosions needed some more work(especially the barrel explosions feel like someone threw firecrackers.) But the general atmosphere and realism are definitely top-notch. The weapons' models may seem familiar to those who've played IOI's games(shotgun, sig552, usp, revolver, etc from blood money, m4, spas12, mp5 from contracts...) And are very realistic in detail.

Everyone is talking about how hard it is to take cover and aim, but I had no problems with it whatsoever. In fact, after some point in the game, I felt like I was aiming and shooting, instead of pressing down L2 and R2. The controls and gameplay are excellent. The crew commands are very basic, but done accordingly enough. You have 3 options, to send your crew to someplace, to order them to follow you, or to make them attack a target. It works really well. Just like Freedom Fighters.

I liked the fact that the co-op was split screen, as I always like playing side by side with my friends on LAN parties. I had no problems with that as well, except for the weapon switches. My friend constantly took my Sig552 without my permission, and we had many shootouts to decide who would get it. But it added new qualities to the game.

My only concern for this game is the bad publicity it got(not by advertisements, I think Eidos did a fantastic job of selling the game's name here and there...)from game sites. I dont know why they gave the game such low scores, and honestly, with their review, gametrailers.com is my new portal to the world of gaming. It is the site that gave the game the highest score among game-sites. Although the Havana and jungle levels were a bit frustrating and the game's endings were suffering from not having enough cinematics, it had a pretty impressive feeling to it. The fragile alliance mode makes up for it. It is really interesting in terms of being a traitor and all that, you gotta give it a try.

Overall, I would reccomend Kane&Lynch Dead Men to anyone who enjoys third-person shooters. Its a great game that has few mistakes here and there, but nothing that makes it a failure.
My rating for this game is 9.3/10. I think its only fair.

BTW; Thank you, IO Interactive and Eidos, for bringing us such a great game!:D

Oh, and this review was based on the PS3 version.

6th Dec 2007, 20:27
I agree, like I've agreed to most of the posts like that. I didn't feel frustrated about the jungle and havana levels, I think they were nice change of atmosphere and they were very well made. (Except the el capitol or whatever it was when tons of your allies just ran in and got shot, if you look closely they just go to the courtyard and start running in circles until they're all dead, made me and my friend laugh alot when we played that part :P)

I also joined the forums to discuss this game, mostly the multiplayer part. I first had problems with players who didn't, for some weird reason, stand getting shot by a traitor and immediately shut down the game after losing one round. So now I only host games in ranked play.

The multiplayer is incredibly well planned and thought out, they made a very good choise to build something new and never-seen-before. I'm having alot fun ALTOUGH theres only 4 maps to choose from. Every match is different, at least for now. Lets see what I think in a month if theres no downloadable map pack out by then or something.

I would have liked to see more weapons too, mainly because I'm a total weapon freak. The lack of variety didn't ruin any part of the game, but it would have been nice to see some variations for the weapons, MP5K-PDW for example.

Also, it bugs me a bit that you can't pick up weapons in multiplayer, and that you can only buy the few kits there are. Like someone posted somewhere before, that they could add some more kits. With shotguns and teargas etc. (Although the shotgun could be a bit imbalanced in multiplayer)

Anyways, nice post. I really loved the game. I'd give 9.5 to it since I can't really say anything bad about it.

Edit: I played it on X360

6th Dec 2007, 20:39
Yeah, the weapons were good, but the lack of pistols, and the fact that we couldnt modify weapons like in blood money were the games' cons. And I like the SPAS12 very much, but they gave it in a point that it was totally useless. Most of the weapons, including the AK(74, I belive?), Spas12 and Lynch's revolver(a Raging Bull?) were just rushed. They had great coverage of gameplay value that could've been used.

Hopefully in a second game!:)