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Paradoxical Life
6th Dec 2007, 15:58
My apologies. I know this thread is not for here but I know that Eidos/Eidos Montreal read this forum....so I hope they will see this (I ask the admin only to lock the thread, not to move it...please)

What about a next Legacy of Kain game that fans (after so many years)are still dreaming and asking for.The Legacy of Kain fanbase deserves it...
And not in last place - The Legacy of Kain franchise has the biggest potential of all Eidos's(not only) games!....

We want an answer whether there will be next LoK game...

11th Dec 2007, 17:46
You're certainly not alone in wanting a new LoK game. I've recieved many, many requests and questions regarding this.

Far be it from me to speculate about future Eidos releases, but Crystal Dynamics games are still key to Eidos, so you never know.

I'll close this bad boy though.