View Full Version : Tomb raider underworld to be shown in magazine

6th Dec 2007, 01:05

The picture on the right is from the PC Jeux magazine which is the french equivalent of PC gamer. The words above it translate to "Coming soon in PC Jeux, Discover the new episode of a mythic series in the world of gaming !"

The picture on the left proves that the shadow is actually lara. So we might be getting tru info soon :D It might not be in the next issue though so dont get your hopes up to much...

William Croft
7th Dec 2007, 17:32
:D Yes. Great to know more news is coming out about the new game:D

8th Dec 2007, 08:49
"Crosses fingers" I hope there will be pictures.:D

8th Dec 2007, 12:11
OMFS I love it! :eek: :D Cheers for the info. ;)