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5th Dec 2007, 13:58
Great concept, really poor execution. Like so many of you I was really looking forward to a co-op game by the makers of the Hitman series. A corrupt merc and a medicated psychopath in co-op--good stuff eh? My GF and I play just about any co-op game we can find for our PC's.

We're PC enthusiasts, though. We play multiplayer games via LAN, each on our own computer, with our own monitor. Who woulda thunk? Apparently not I/O, and that sucks for us, I guess. When we saw that we couldn't play via LAN, we figured we'd just try to play on one PC, as awkward as that setup--two people at one desk--is. We do have a 24" monitor, after all, so just maybe it would work...

But we're PC enthusiasts. We don't use controllers--we play with the keyboard and mouse. Again, that sucks for us.

I was to the point of considering heading out to Best Buy and picking up a controller, but figured I'd try single player first. What do you know, I have this strange frame-dropping/freezing behavior every 2 seconds or so. I did a little research. Did away with the (extremely popular) Saitek Eclipse, unplugged all my usb devices, disabled the HID drivers. Still freezing up ecery 2 seconds. I give up; back to Crysis until something else comes along or K&L gets a patch that addresses some of these issues.

My biggest concern is not any of these issues in particular though. Rather, it's that this is not a PC game. It's a very poorly done console port, from a company that built its reputation and following on a PC franchise. Hitman: Blood Money had a very console-esque feel but was still well within the realm of acceptability. K&L is the worst instance of console-friendly dumbing down of a PC game I have seen, and it's gotten pretty bad of late.

Devs need to learn that PC gamers and console gamers are different markets and design accordingly. This is the last game I'll pick up from I/O or Eidos until I've seen evidence of that happening.

Regarding the controller issue: the XBox 360 controller is not required by Games for Windows. The requirement is simply that if a game does support controllers, then it must support the 360 controller. There is no prohibition against other controllers. The GfW requirement is supposed to make games more user friendly, not less. People saying that the game uses a 360 controller because of a GfW requirement to do so are either misinformed or lying. See here:

6th Dec 2007, 20:54
Absolutely 100 percent agreed. Its shocking that a game, that for all its misadvertisement of "Co-op" can stll be marketed on the platform. That a PC game requires an XboX 360 controller to play a feature that was the only reason that I bought it.

If i had wanted to play a pathetic split screen shooter with gamepads i would have chosen the 360 version, NOT the dedicated PC version. As stated by the original poster, the gamesforwindows range does not allow features of the game to be locked soley for use with non-standard hardware.

This is outrageous to sell a loosely coded PC emulate of a console shooter. I suggest you get to work including the PC features or rebadge the issued game immediatley, before a lawsuit by consumer protection over false advertisment.

I was so looking forward to this game, but let down by a downright lazy developer team. The point is, NO WAY should you have been alowed to publish this game on such terms. Im heading to the shops tomorrow to get my badley spent £30 back, severly disapointed.

22nd Dec 2007, 23:12
I have an xbox 360 3rd party controller (madcatz), is this why it will not work? (because microsoft requires we use their 360 controller)

23rd Dec 2007, 01:38
The gameplay imo is awesome. As is the story and sound. Graphics are great tooo.

Execution sucks. The should not have involved anything WINDOW$ LIVE from Micro$oft. It woulda made this so much better.