View Full Version : Can't join a game (PC)

5th Dec 2007, 05:16
Okay, finally got the game, completed the Singleplayer portion and loved it!

But now I want to play some Fragile Alliance and I'm having problems getting to any kind of server/game selection menu. I already made a Live account, a Live profile, have entered the CD-Key at some point (which it approved), but when I go to the menu which has Ranked Match, Player Match and List Play, I get "Sorry, you are not joined in the Games for Windows Live!". The system link sort of works, but doesn't find any games... (is that even for net play at all?).

Help please!

Edit: some notable (?) Network Info from the Live...

Internet IP Address: Not signed in
PC account: Not signed in
UPnP: Not signed in
NAT: Open.

Disgraced Cop
5th Dec 2007, 20:52
You can try downloading the latest update for LIVE, I had a problem similar to this and that helped.

6th Dec 2007, 07:08
Link? Or some pointers? Do you mean updating the Windows Live Messenger or?

6th Dec 2007, 08:24
here you go powdernose i think he is talking about this


7th Dec 2007, 18:50
Press Home and login to Windows Live ;)
That would be my guess :P