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5th Dec 2007, 00:20
Reading some of the latest post, I decided to put something myself. Its really great news that Eidos decided to get on with another part of DeusEx. Despite of second part (iW) I was awaiting the next version of DX. I just wasn't convinced that EIDOS would put DX away.

Watching the trailer and reading few of latest post's I got decided to share my opinion on the upcoming production. Telling producers what they should/must do in DX3 is kind pointless, because on this project stage, they got the scenario prept and ready. The trailer says much. Showed on youtube "analisys" of the video could probably explain more or less what to expect.

I think that most of DX players awaits sequel to DX2, while in my opinion it will be prequel instead. Probably to the day of relese of the game, this post will be forgoten, but all of "evidence" shows that DX storyline will be put in 2027-2057 time window. And its not only about the snapshot in the trailer.
Remember the first DX? JC Denton was nono-augmentet and fetus in trailer have heavy-augs instead (Gunther / Anna Navarre style). Lack of information from development team about storyline is probably caused by trying to hold back info about prequel.

My best gues about DX3 is that next game will allow player to control heavy-augmented actor (Emilie?) which actions will lead to changes in augmented-not-welcome-world and eventually resume works on nano-aug agents. Increase tolerance of aug-people in society or smth.

Iam writing all that so meaby (!) some of you will consider fact/speculation that there will be no "new augs" but just "another" one. I wouldn't count on cloacking either (as far as I rememeber it was possible for nano-aug agent only). Will see.

PS. Sorry if such subject was in some other thread. My account on EIDOS is pretty rusty (4 years of not using it), and Iam not up to date with all threads (yet!)

5th Dec 2007, 00:50
I posted something on this in the "Video Analysis" thread. Feel free to join us ;)

22nd Feb 2011, 19:59
Yes I think its a prequel also...

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22nd Feb 2011, 20:04
Closed. Also, wow.