View Full Version : Eidos is actively censoring its posts.

4th Dec 2007, 06:41
I just posted a thread pointing to two articles on kotaku that document how Eidos has fabricated a number of review scores for Kane and Lynch on its official site. It had none of the "ugly SPAM which for the most part consisted only of the worst sort of horrific visual assaults that can be found by those who want to find such perverse pictures on the internet." It was simply a topic for discussion, and absolutely within the terms of use on the site.

An Eidos moderator posted in the locked Jeff Gerstmann thread that they only deleted "perverse pictures" and have only locked one thread. I can now say with absolute certainty that this is not presently the case, and that they are now actively censoring their posts to suppress information that exposes their fraudulent marketing.

4th Dec 2007, 06:45
No. This is a topic that is already being discussed in the Kane & Lynch general area. I just don't want to have to look in different areas for teh same type of topic.