View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Infinite options menus

6th Dec 2013, 20:24
When you right click a person's avatar in the lobby and they leave before you select anything the menu stays. When you right click someone else it won't let you click anything on the either, but also stays, and on and on again. I made it up to about 17 menus, then the game started.

7th Dec 2013, 01:11
That sounds strange, is it only when people leave just after clicking it or happening to you all the time /for all users?

I had a similar thing with steam the other night when I was trying to invite people to games... The page ended up looking like I was playing cards, which was a steam issue rather than game one. It seemed to be fine the next night once I'd fully signed out of steam. If it happens again please try logging out and in again and see if it fixes it. :D Thank you and please post the outcome :D

7th Dec 2013, 01:44
It corrected when the match started, i just couldn't see the teams in the lobby. Very possible it's a steam issue though.