View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Chat button glitch

6th Dec 2013, 19:56
I am not sure if I am the only one getting this, but I have custom key mappings, where I use R, G and T for abilities. However, many times it has happened when I press T, it initiates chat window box, even though I don´t have it assigned to that... It got me killed quite a few times, can somebody look into this? Thanks!

9th Dec 2013, 19:01
This is getting really annoying, it keeps bringing up chat when pressing T. I have chat assigned to enter but half the time it is not working when I press it.
Also noticed that when I connect to certain server it completely resets my graphics options and thus causes me huge lags so I have to go back to the options and set it to the correct settings all over. I hope this can be fixed...