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3rd Dec 2007, 11:07
Just to raise some awareness.


-Gaming Advertisment is never accurate, and leads to false promises. (isnt that illigal?)

-Always when a ''hyped-up'' game is full of bugs, a whole backbone of fans gather on forums to find possible solutions. (isnt that the job of the game developer itself?)

Now 99 out of 100 times I personally noticed that its not the developers or the patches that make it more easy for me to fix my game... No, its the helping hand of the community that makes it possible for me to even start some of these bugged-up games.

So... I would like to thank the community, and the creative people in it that on free-will, without getting paid (instead paid 45€+ for a game that didnt work) Still find the patience to share their solutions/work-arounds with the rest of the community, just so that others can also enjoy their game the moment they bought it. Instead of waiting/hoping for a patch to come out that COULD fix their problems.

so, again thank you community.

just an idea, in the future, when a game release is rushed, and the dev team knows there are some major errors but didnt have time to fix it... Why dont u just hand out ''gifts'' to the people that help finding solutions for buggy games, like some kind of contest who can fix the most bugs in a week/month or so, make a nice little list of all the bugs that occured, and who fixed it. Would make a nice hall of fame + hall of shame (bugs.)

I think it will work like crazy.


3rd Dec 2007, 12:22
I agree that the community spirit found on forums such a this can be a major factor in resolving issues with games, most commonly PC games, but please don't forget that their are actually people from EIDOS posting on these forums too, who as far as I can remember from previous posts, are paid to do another job within EIDOS and in their own time come on to these forums to help out. So some kudos to them is required too. :thumbsup:

I wont go down the road of calculating the reasons why issues are guaranteed to occur with PC games and why these issues aren't found whilst the game is in QA as it is likely to start (yet another) war about the issue which is counter-productive to forums such as this. Short version is that if every possible combination of PC hardware and software was fully tested entirely, games would never actually be released or if they where they would be tied to a VERY specific PC Hardware/Software combination leaving only 0.000001% of people available to play it and therefore making it pointless to develop in the first place!

All in, these community forums work because on the whole, people are nice and like to help each other, it's human nature to do so. Sometimes, the issues which can arise can't be solved by the community but have to come from the developers and they do use the feedback and information provided by the players themselves to do just that. Just because a dev doesn't post or say that they are a dev doesn't mean they aren't looking! ;)