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2nd Dec 2007, 07:03
A while back, months ago i Posted something about Thief 3, and eidos that upset some people. I cant remember my exact words but my knoledge was insalted lol. Im a blunt thief fan cause when it comes down to it i grew up playing the game and to this day its held as the greatest game of all time. there is a reason why it in fact is the star wars or lord of the rings of games. It was like nothing we had ever seen before and yet it was so simaler to real life. it was appealing, had an amazing story that was like a amazing novel that you played. it was long. well designed. and it excited the player and consumed there mind when they played it. it draws you in to the game. most of it has to do with the Story, its amazing. its long and its very very well tied together, but at the same time in our world it isnt. but in garrets world it works perfectly. Im not saying in anyway that eidos doesnt know what there doing. they wanted to make a thief3 and they did. with original thief Dev's from LGS. but the bad thing is they went for the same thing every other company goes for, GRAPHICS, the look of the game. then they tryed to recreate Thief. i dont think that the unreal engine was a bad engine at all but just the feel of it. the background. the inability to realize that thief 3 needed to look and feel like thief 1/2 with high res textures, great model design, modern day effects like lighting and shadows. it needed to include every weapon, and have a great spin off story of thief 2. they also need to not only recreate every part of the original thief, but they need to add to it so the saga grow's. so no matter what thief. thief 1 or 13 you know your playing thief. the original star wars films all have the same base feel and look. and universe to them. even tho they where shot multiple years apart. and they got better cause the keeped everything the had and then added better and never got off track of what star wars really was. i have hope the thief 4 will bring us all back and give us something to brage about all over the web. but imo the dark mod will be where its at. it looks like thief, it is made by the fans that want what thief 3 should have been. its as easy as that. you stray from what thief is you get the ugly step sister that is part of your family so you cant just not talk to her. thief 3 had its up's, im not saying its a mess. it just lacked the real thief feel, the story and background. even with what they had if they would have made it for PC not xbox. took out the loading zones, only to load in to the mission, not in the middle and worked on the story like it was a tolken novel then maybe we would have a game worthy of comparison to thief 1/2.

Thief 4 btw. i read somthing about it being modern?? wow, streying from what thief is even more. that was just a roomer tho. i hope it is 100% BS. I upses over Thief but i am extreamly privet about my upsesion for the most part but i wait years for thief 3 and i get half of what i thought it COULD! be. not of what it would be. to be honest by the original screens of thief DS in the unreal ingine i exspected what i got. no sword.. WHAT :mad2: Drives me crazy how much was missing from thief 3. the cradle was amazing tho, Cheers to ion for diging deep in to a mission and creating an amazing lvl. other then that, it could have been better.

Any more roomers or news about the posibility of a thief 4 with in the next few years. a game with as big of cult follow doesnt go unnoticed.

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2nd Dec 2007, 16:12
There are many things that where wrong with Thief 3 that left a bad taste in the mouth of a lot of Thief players if not all of us as many of the post before this have stated as for Thief 4,I myself don't think you will ever see it happen unless the rights to the game are sold and some one else makes it.

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2nd Dec 2007, 17:56
This has been discussed at great length in other threads. Do a search to read them. There are no plans or rumors for Thief 4. The best bet for now is the hundreds of the Fan Missions, many better than the originals. There is no sign of a let-up in the development of FMs. For the future, we have great expectations for a mod of the Doom3 engine, also developed by fans, called The Dark Mod (http://www.thedarkmod.com/).

11th Dec 2007, 04:06
I can't believe The Dark Mod is still in production. It feels like it's been in development even longer than Doom 3. :D

11th Dec 2007, 05:44
Yes it is a long process, but it's quite far a long at this point. It's somewhat playable, with quite a few of us working on maps and testing more and more aspects, suggesting tweaks and improvements to the editor, etc.

2nd Jan 2008, 09:31
I'm not a betting man, so I won't bet on Thief 4. However i'm fairly confident there will be a Thief 4. The reason being is that in the Eidos Montreal website it says their first two games will be revivals.

Well there's really just one other franchise that needs reviving and that my friends is Thief. As for the reason why Thief 3 was crippled? It's because of the limitations of the engine they chose to go with.

It was created by a programmer hired to create a renderer, not a game engine. Someone high up decided to keep the engine until halfway into development they realized how limiting it was. By then it was too late to backoff both projects and start on a new engine.

So realize this, despite the engine being crap they did a good job. As for Thief 4, it will be made. Lets not forget the former vp or president of Eidos said so along with Deus Ex 3. He did say it would be in the future but that remains to be seen.

Have faith and you will be rewarded... I always had faith in Deus Ex 3. ;)