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29th Nov 2007, 02:30
Ok, so I like that they developers are creative & have witty explainations as to how to get the achievements, but a little clarity would be appreciated. I cannot find anywhere a complete list of how to actually get all of the achievements in this game. I have lucked in to some, but for example:Sun Tzu, let your team do the dirty work. What does that mean? And furthermore, how to you get to play as Kane or Lynch in the Fragile Alliance? All of this sounds like it would be cool, but who knows what it really is? Can someone out there help?


29th Nov 2007, 02:54
Let your team do the dirty work means just that, let them do all the work don't fire 1 bullet and you get the achievement. If you're really stuck for achievement explanations visit http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=45123 I warn you some of those achivements have spoilers in advance. www.xbox360achievements.org is a good place for understanding achievements.

29th Nov 2007, 03:29
to play kane and lynch you have to be number 1 or 2 on the leading board. rank match.

29th Nov 2007, 23:35
to play kane and lynch you have to be number 1 or 2 on the leading board. rank match.

Is that #1 and #2 on the overall Leaderboard, I thought it was be #1 of the 7 in your Game Stats page, i.e. Have a TrueSkill of 34 which equals #1 Kane.

2nd Dec 2007, 18:49
I don't get any achievments what so ever. I completed the whole game, then i registrated myself @ live and played the first 3 levels again, i didn't gain ****. I completed the game again, and still no achievments.