View Full Version : TrueSkill Ranking in Fragile Alliance

29th Nov 2007, 01:42
I'm seeking some info on what effects your TrueSkill in Fragile Alliance.

I've currently been TrueSkill Rank 25 for quite a while now, and I can't seem to see what effects your Trueskill.

I've heard Betraying and becoming a Traitor lowers it, which I don't understand as that's half the game and hope isn't true, however I've been testing it out recently and I won a game (#1 at the end of 5 rounds) and left with over $5 Million dollars, and didn't raise at all. I did betray in one round though. In fact I dropped 1 spot on the leaderboard (Still Rank 25 in Trueskill, but went from 140 to 141 on the Leaderboards).

Where as in another game, I didn't do great, died once, betrayed once, and ended up in 2nd place overall and rose like 10 ranks on the leaderboards, but still Rank 25 Trueskill.

Any insight or info anyone may have found out on what counters into Trueskill would be cool.


Does being a Traitor count against you?

Does Dying count against you?

Is it only based on Total Money over all?

Is it Round specific or Entire Match specific?

If you die as a Merc, but stay alive as a Cop does that matter?

Does only being #1 after all rounds are finished only matter?

Irregardless I'm having a blast with the game, just things we've been wondering as we played.