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bent toe
28th Nov 2007, 20:06
Are there more than two endings?
First ending = you escape in the helicopter
Second ending = You save the guy in church and escpae in a boat.

Thing is, Jenny was hit just when we reached the boat, so i had to give her adrenalin and carry her the rest of the way... is it possible for her not to get hit there.. or is it all scripted and part of the second ending?

28th Nov 2007, 23:23
You do realize she's dead, right?

The endings are kind of weak..

Take the helicopter, abandon your team, get one less level, and you end up with a daughter who hates you.

I think your whole team dies except Lynch with the other ending. I remember saving the one guy, but I believe he dies before you get to the boat. Things happened really fast at the very end so I didn't keep track. But both times I played that ending, Jenny dropped at different times. One time she dropped within a few yards from the boat, the other, I was still quite a bit a way from the boat. So maybe there is a third ending where she lives?

I'm trying to figure that out but I have a bad feeling she drops regardless.

28th Nov 2007, 23:58
No, there are only two endings to this game. I did a lot of internet searching to find out if there were more than two endings. But unfortunately, she is scripted to die. Even if you get her to the docks with full health, a man pops up out of nowhere and kills her. If you would like to try something fun, play the last level on co-op mode. Have Kane stay back with his daughter and have Lynch shoot his way to the dock. You should find one lone enemy near the end. He is indistructable until Kane's daughter is dead though.

29th Nov 2007, 00:16
Yep, she dies no matter what. I must've replayed that level twenty times trying to avoid her death, over and over until I could get to the pier without losing anyone. She dies no matter what you do. It's frustrating as hell to do everything right and still fail, but I guess that's what the game is all about. Everything Kane does goes wrong in some way, so it makes sense that no matter what his choice is in the end he either A) abandons everyone and has a daughter that hates him or B) loses most of his men, the ones that survive still hate him, and his daughter dies even if he does everything right.

It's an interesting artistic choice, to be sure. I just wish her death was handled in a way that didn't feel so rushed and forced. I dunno, even a cutscene would have been better. Forcing it on me when I do everything absolutely right and even shoot the guy right as he pops up makes me mad and ruins the immersion.