View Full Version : [Info] Useful information for diagnosing a problem

28th Nov 2007, 16:54
Hey guys ...

Clearly if you're here, you're having a problem with the game ... Me, I'm just a troll trying to increase his post count, I don't really like any of you! Except for that really cool robot mod (Ok ok, I kid -- I love you all)!

System Requirements Lab (http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest) is an incredibly useful site.

Basically it will run on Firefox or IE. In IE you will need to install an ActiveX control, and in Firefox it uses Java to run. You select the game you want to test against, it will run a diagnostic of your computer (takes about 1-2 minutes). It then spits out a full report, of what the minimum, recommended, and in some cases optimal requirements for a game are.

It will then tell you how your system can expect to fair when running this game. What makes this so useful is ... it will tell you exactly where your points of failure are, and in some cases give suggestions as to what you can do to correct the problem. It looks at hardware, drivers, driver versions, specific instruction requirements (such as shader requirements, acceleration requirements, etc).

If you're having problems, run this quick diagnostic, and you might be suprised to see that your system may infact be failing a requirement. :)