View Full Version : Oh Noes

27th Nov 2007, 06:23
The game is still great, almost at the end. I like to milk games rather than whine about how they're only 10 hours long. One has to question those who just sit there all day and finish a 10 hour game. But anywho, the camo levels, tsk tsk. Camoflage is sooo 1984, just isn't fashionably hip. The only dorks who still do camo are rednecks in fly over states and those people the government sends out to the middle east so that the terrorists can play target practice. Oddly enough, I think most military peeps are from the fly over states.

Seriously though, this game is intense. I love how the difficult spikes at odd times, Gamespot whined about that but I like it. I get all comfy and let my guard down.. figuring I can make a run for it.. then things just get insane out of the blue.

I take it the title of level 12 is a lil homage to Freedom Fighters? ;)