View Full Version : Uncomparable achievements for PC and 360?

26th Nov 2007, 16:55
I am playing the PC version of Kane & Lynch. When I clic on that game in my gamertag I can see I have unlocked one achievement (finished first level). However I can't compare it with a gamertag of someone who plays the 360 version. Are they different?.

21st Jun 2008, 07:26
Yes they are different achivement lists. I have played both versions of the game and in my list it shows two different K&Ls though they are unmarked as to which belongs to which version.

Cpt Stillwater
21st Jun 2008, 07:58
Strange. On the back of my box it says "Cross Platform". Do we have to play other people on the same platform like other games that we were lied to about? or does this game ACTUALLY play the SAME GAME with PC and XBOX 360 players? Weird that, if its true, we actually DO have different achievements on the same game, though....:confused:

31st Jul 2008, 11:53
Both of them have same list, but the 360 have some more..
I mean the Bullseye; Berserkapath and DLC Achievements :D