View Full Version : Recapturing Yoko!?!?!?!?

26th Nov 2007, 00:16
ok...so i kidnapped yoko, almost got away, and of course she escapes...so my new mission is to RECAPTURE her.... i get back to her office and have tried to get her probably 15 times. if you shoot her, you fail. so i tried to run and hit her and just knock her out...but everytime i get close to her and press E (pc version), it doesnt do close combat like it does on everyone else. HOW THE HELL DO I RECAPTURE HER. PLEASE. SOMEBODY TELL ME OR IM GOING TO KILL SOMEONE!!!!!

26th Nov 2007, 02:04
You are supposed to knock her out at close range because thats what I did. Just ran up to her and punched her.

27th Nov 2007, 00:44
Just run up close to her and it will give you a prompt to "Knock her out", it's not the same as close quarters fighting her, it's just a one button prompt. Not sure what it is on the PC.