View Full Version : Problem in jungle level

25th Nov 2007, 19:32
Hi all!

I've a problem. I am now in jungle level exactly outside of brothers' house. Well, info says I have to kill guards and sneak. Okay, first I kill 4 guards down there in front of Carlos. Then two from guard towers and one in front of gate and two from windows. And problem is here: Carlos won't do his job, he is not moving anywhere and if I try to go ahead Carlos says I have to give some directions. But how? What should I do that I can continue playing game?


25th Nov 2007, 21:05
You are aware you can command you team(or specific person) to move where you want right? If you don't remember how from earlier in the game during the tutorial then look in the game manual.

For the PC version you point your crosshair to where you want that team member to go then press "3". You would hold down "3" if you wanted the whole squad to move to that desired location.

27th Nov 2007, 00:30
Yeah, you have to tell Carlos where to go. If you've cleared all the guys, just run up and point at the gate and give him the command to go there. He'll do the rest.

For the Xbox 360 version it's the "B" button to tell him to go there.