View Full Version : I cant Conflict Online

25th Nov 2007, 19:30
hi. i'm new to this but i need help.
i am a massive conflict fan and i have played all 4 games to death. i have recently got broadband and i am trying to get online on Global Storm on my playstation 2. All my settings are correct and i've had the relevent ports opened on my router by netgear but whenever i try to go online it keeps coming up with the message "you have been disconnected from the online services". can anyone help me as i have tried everything i can think of but i am getting nowhere. is it something to do with my gamespy id.:confused:

10th Dec 2007, 13:04
How about posting in a forum to actually do with that game for a start?
Try GameFaqs

10th Dec 2007, 19:41
Thanks for that useful information, but i could not find any threads to do with Conflict Global Storm and this was the closest one. I thought there might be someone helpful out there who may have had the same problem. I take it you cant help me then!:mad2: