View Full Version : Kane + Lynch and Gears of War issues linked?

24th Nov 2007, 04:43
Reading the Gears of War and Kane+Lynch forums I was a bit surprised - both games appear to be suffering from a number of technical issues that are exactly the same -

'Hanging' ... the game randomly hangs a bit every several seconds.

Mainly, crashes. The good old Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library crash mainly. Happens randomly for some people, regularly after short periods of times, or even on entering the game, for others. Making both games pretty much unplayable if you're unlucky.

The thing is, people who have bought Kane+Lynch
people who have bought Gears of War seem to be encountering exactly the same problems. The only link that I can see between both games is Windows - or rather, Games for Windows Live. Which of course is that awesome thing which saves your game online, and loves to randomly delete said savegames.

On both the GoW and K+L forums the general consensus appears to be that the game developers are at fault, but I think maybe everyone is pointing the finger in the wrong direction here.
If you want, check out the GoW forums, and I think you may find that some of the issues you're encountering are exactly the same as the ones people are encountering there.

Looking back on what I just wrote I have to admit it doesn't make too much sense - what I'm trying to say is check out the other forums, I think maybe you should all be on the Microsoft ones, in so far as there are any. :P

I'll be posting this on the GoW forums as well. :)

a link to the GoW General - http://gearsforums.epicgames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=15

24th Nov 2007, 05:20
Nah, GoW crashes constantly on my PC. K&L the only issues I've had are opening cutscene is choppy and the music sometimes freaks out.

26th Nov 2007, 13:29
Live doesnt save your games online.. Dont know why people think it does this.

Live is just like Xbox Live. It gives you an online profile, so people can see how far you've got etc (achievement points etc)

All save games are on your local machine.

26th Nov 2007, 16:41
It makes sense, I have seen very similar issues with the Live part of those games. People playing with offline Live accounts seem to have no problems.

27th Nov 2007, 19:10
Nah, GoW crashes constantly on my PC. K&L the only issues I've had are opening cutscene is choppy and the music sometimes freaks out.

Try banging up the sound acceleration in your dxdiag.

Run > type dxdiag > sound tab > move the slider to maximum.

28th Nov 2007, 15:48
I have to say that youre right on the point when telling that windows live could be causing us a lot of problems at the moment. Even better, i was about to post almost the exact same thing of what u are describing in this topic. I finished gears of war in about 9 hours... took me the exact same time to get it to work. Had a lot of problems with K&L, i guess i have spend about 5 hours straight to actually get the game to work/play... not to mention the time i had to wait for some of the answers (+1week)... Now im not even playing the game anymore because everytime i start it up it reminds me of all the time i was looking for answers and being frustrated...

(plus, i got the game mainly for the coop, since im not gonna buy an Xbox controller, or anything even xbox related this game is worthless IMO...)

Their is absolutely no way to describe how frustrating it is not being able to actually insert a disc and play instantly, im not even gonna try cause i know that a lot of people here are facing the same technical problems. (also on the GoW forums)

anyone with a little bit of business mind knows that u dont want people to make the comparison of frustration to your product. Cause the negative opinion sticks...

Im sure windows live will succeed in taking over all the games coming out these days, but thats only because we have no choise. if I had id ban it. stick a banana in the ass of the guy that came up with windows live and get KINGKONG to have his way with him.

ugh... that felt good.