View Full Version : Big Hitman/IO fan disapointed.

21st Nov 2007, 15:58
I played gears of war in coop mode and i love it. Never have i felt more attached to a storyline while playing in an arcadish Kill.Switch type fighting enviroment.

It held me off to think I would enjoy Kane and lynch, well as I started the game I thought how great this is going to be! Another game where me and my friend can combine pcs to play a fun game of co-op. Sadly I was mistaken , you must play it on the same computer in a horrid Split screen mode. Already my high hopes for the game have tarnished, I played the hitman's and the freedom fighter game I loved them both. I assumed being IO's next addition it would take off easily. Now I regret buying the game because I know I cant co-op without a Xbox360 pc version controller. From what I hear the co-op isnt worth it anyways.

I never blamed IO for making games that wern't graphically stunning or having breath taking models or AI. However I am displeased in this game, it looks fine, but the way its played out is horible.

Doesnt support Other controllers then microsofts junk, prolly because microsoft influenced them into a deal of some sort. In any case I wanted Lan Play like Gears of War and got junk . We are PC fans we use networks or internet, not split screen.

The shooting is tacky too, people dont die like hitman , headshots can take a few shots sometimes.

More games need co-op LAN or INTERNET

:mad2: Oh well since this mess im worried about the next installment of hitman. Btw thanks for metioning that the co-op requires a 360 controller to play co-op in game requirements.

.... Oh and one more thing, why in the world would you put the character on the left side of the screen, that is so annoying when being used to the center. Especially when you have to see whats on the left.

23rd Nov 2007, 17:04
Being a Hitman fan myself, i leapt at the chance to get myself a copy of this game, being the next game from the same developers i expected the same quality, but it seems like this game was meant to be on the original xbox :mad2:

The graphical content is sub par at best, the concept is mediocre, even appauling at times, Multiplayer is dire at best in essence the whole game is flawed right down to its rotten core, I find myself answering my own question " why would they release two brilliant games such as this and Mass Effect on the same day ?" Simply because its not brilliant its utter tripe and my copy will be returned to the shop tomorrow.

gratz Eidos

let the flaming begin :P

I love it because it keeps me warm :lol:

26th Nov 2007, 13:06
after playing into the game i do admit i started to like it better, but Its not exaclty what its cracked up to be. It was very short, beat it rather quickly. Not enough car chases, that scene was wonderful.

But most of my anger comes from the lack of actual coop, not that quick console fix. :P

Story was too short though, I think as you started to feel for them it hit the finish line too quick.

Perhaps a movie will do it justice. :)

Why can't Io make a coop hitman game, Where you can take hitman online to match against other hitmans going for various targets. And oviously you do change more into costumes, otherwise youd have a deathmatch for the bald upc tagged men. :) I was hoping kane and lynch had more of the stealth feeling to it, ya know ... Take hostages, sneak around more, preform tough situations while trying to stay low profile... Snipers, car bombs, silenced pistols... You could have your buddy dispose of the bodies... urgg.. what do i know though im just a gamer.