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20th Nov 2007, 22:33
Why did I choose to start a new thread?
Because I want Eidos to understand how much they screwed us, and how pissed off we are.
The back of the box says "co-op 2" ... I'm sorry, but split-screen, xbox 360 controller only co-op does not count as PC co-op!

Thankfully, the EB Games my friend and I purchased this game from were nice enough to do a defective return for us. I know some of you are stuck with the game for good, and I'm sorry for your loss... I really am.

So... Not only does this game not support LAN co-op, but now you have to purchase 2 XBOX 360 controllers to play split screen. Well that's just about the biggest load of s**t I've come across in quite some time.

So with that, an enormous GG goes to our fine friends at Eidos Interactive.
Enjoy screwing your 'valued' PC customers over, and then sit down to a nice cup of tea while you read these angry threads and do nothing about them.

P.S. Eidos... GG means 'Good Game' ... I thought I'd save you guys some google scrounging, trying to look up "What gg mean? :|".


A 'valued' customer.

20th Nov 2007, 22:55
Very disapointed as well. The back of the box should say "Co-op on PC does not work with internet/LAN and requires you to buy Xbox controllers.". It's very frustrating that it doesn't say anything about these additional requirements, and the majority of PC gamers (in fact, I'd say pretty well ALL) would assume that co-op will work over internet/lan, and it's a perfectly valid assumption. I've mentioned it to all of the local stores that carry this game, so they can warn other people who are considering buying it, and I'll be posting it on all the forums I frequent, as well as on my review website.

I'm REALLY hoping that I'll be able to return this game, as the only reason I purchased it was to play Co-op.

Again, very disapointed. Maybe Edios will patch proper co-op into the game, and if so I'll buy it then.


Dave "Marauder" Kratky
FRAGtopia.com Review Guy

21st Nov 2007, 00:14
I have also been looking everywhere for where it says only Xbox 360 controller have to be used for coop. I didnt find it any reviews or in the productspec the places the game is sold????

23rd Nov 2007, 01:00
You can play with one keyboard and 1 Xbox 360 controller in split screen!
Myself is waiting for a patch, too!

24th Nov 2007, 14:36
the xbox controller for split screen is just really a joke. Even if you do own a 360 and have controller you still require the PC adapter to pick up the 360 controller on the PC anyway so its just stupid.
Pc COOP mean LAN/Internet
:mad2: to make things worse i even got the every 3 second lag so its not even playable.

24th Nov 2007, 15:00
I Think i will buy a cheap one @ ebay!

25th Nov 2007, 11:17
but still, splitscreen is ****, and theres only 1! gamemode on MP so i reckon its time they add Co op Mode on MP....

25th Nov 2007, 11:36
the xbox controller for split screen is just really a joke. Even if you do own a 360 and have controller you still require the PC adapter to pick up the 360 controller on the PC anyway so its just stupid.
Pc COOP mean LAN/Internet
:mad2: to make things worse i even got the every 3 second lag so its not even playable.

That's wrong. There's actually a 360 controller for Windows PC's.

26th Nov 2007, 19:23
Yeah, I agree. All my post got deleted cuz I was so pissed and described the issues that I found most annoying to most people. They left one post that wasn't as descriptive. Bottom line, wait for the patch. In the mean time play other games until this one is fixed.

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26th Nov 2007, 19:58
Please don't take this as a fan-boy post, I'm really not. I am however an objective consumer, and an avid gamer. :)

Nobody who purchases the game is actually 'stuck' with it. As a matter of law, should you purchase the game (atleast this one in particular), and wish to return it (within a reasonable period -- leave that to a judge or lawyers to decide), the store is required to accept return.

I will explain why (note: This to my knowledge, only applies in North America). We have something called the Consumer Protection Act. The CPA protects consumers from a marketing tactic called "bait and switch". This is a practice where by a product is misrepresented.

This situation is no different than when MMO's first came out and publishers failed to tell would-be consumers on the box, that the game 'requires' an internet connection.

In this case, the game does have multiplayer however it 'requires' a secondary purchase of xbox 360 Windows controllers in order to utilize that functionality. This is in a small way, a bait and switch tactic but is also misrepresentation, and very illegal. Now quite likely nobody is going to get sued over it (although I am suprised IO or Eidos' respective legal departments allowed this one to slip through the cracks), however due to this fact stores are required by law to accept a product return since you purchased a product under false premises.

Simply point out the flaw, and explain that by forcing you to keep the product, they are violating the consumer protection act and unlawfully selling a product as something that it is not, and watch how fast they take the product back, and thank you as they gleefully return your money.

If they really give you a hard time about it, just threaten to contact your local media consumer advocate (every newspaper, news network, etc) has one, and they'll sing a different tune quite fast. :)

27th Nov 2007, 01:14
I will start by saying that I have been playing games for a fair few years now and have enjoyed the Hitman titles very much...........right, that out of the way!
Games in the past (FPS mostly) have had multi player coop "features"(white lies) on the back of the box, and I have steered clear, as when you google these games it comes across very clearly that in fact the games isnt coop at all! My friend and I love coop games and play on lan.........so when I read a preview of K&L and it was explained that it was coop, we were very excited!! After reading a few more reviews / write-ups, we noticed that it had no ON-LINE coop! fair enough!....(So many of these games switch from, yes there is coop, to no......there actually isnt).........cut things short........bought the game (says coop 2 on the back) thought excellent!!.......................and no lan coop.........:/.............obviosly there are a few of us who feel like we have been "screw*d"!! So, the worst thing here is that as ftprotocal touched on, this was no mistake........coop 2 was put on the back of the box to shaft people like me......!! I feel violated...!(and not the cool kind)

BTW.....I have taken my copy back!!

yours sincerly,

A "proper" coop starved consumer.......:(

27th Nov 2007, 01:20
PS: Before anyone says "It has got coop......split screen"!...........Read into the sarcasm of my name!!

Peace......Im a happy person normally!! ;)

27th Nov 2007, 02:53
God why i buyed this game? i thought it would be nice and have good multiplayer mode. Singleplayer to short, Windows Live Multiplay is a joke you need to pay for it to play with full features and the multiplayer self very bad.
Is it that hard to create a good multiplayer mode like Call of Duty 4?
This game is like buyed and forgotten that was the last time i buy a game like this s... :mad2:

27th Nov 2007, 03:21
I have to say this game really pisses me off. Having to purchase a controller to play multiplayer is not mutiplayer. Second having to register for a X-box live account is a joke. I am not going to pay to play multiplayer when I dont have to in any other pc title I have ever bought recorded stats and all. If there is a free way to register I wouldnt know because they require my credit card and I am not going to give it to them.
As a consumer I can take action. I refuse to buy any game that requires LIVE from now on and I will seriously question any game I see from Eidos after this joke of a game and the last hitman title.

I see how everyone raves about the story btw and that blows my mind I personally think it sucks. The choice in endings in no choice at all. I found both these guys highly unlikable but maybe because I am a father and a former soldier I found the endings depressing. There is no good single player ending and I cant play co-op or multiplayer without forking over more bucks. Yea this will be the last eidos game I ever buy.