View Full Version : Why?! co-op pc version

20th Nov 2007, 19:27
Why in the *beep* do you have to use a Xbox control for play co-op on the PC version!!! that just so damn stupid!!

21st Nov 2007, 00:16

21st Nov 2007, 14:26
yea, what gives IO? xbox controller. Why cant I use my own Wingman

21st Nov 2007, 22:38
yes you absolutely right.
i have also Logitech Controller, i dont have Xbox Controller.
can i use my Logitech gamepad to play co-op mode?
please help us, how can we do it with Logitech Controller?

23rd Nov 2007, 00:03
wait for a patch...

24th Nov 2007, 08:33
But its not so cool to wait for a patch when you want to play co-op from the beginning with a friend and not after you already played it through alone....

And who wants to buy a Xboxcontroller just for this game, as most people already have some gamepad that would work fine.

24th Nov 2007, 10:08
And let's not forget a second keyboard and mouse.
Or what about the people with 2 screens. Or people with 2 computers.

26th Nov 2007, 09:27
You need a microsoft controller to play co-op on PC. the same as on Xbox360 where you need 2 controllers to be able to play co-op. Unfortunately it only works with MS controller.

26th Nov 2007, 16:37
...until I found out coop was split screen only.

I love coop and will buy just about any game that supports it...there are too few coop games being made lately. But, PC only, and no split screens.

Disappointing, really. Looks like a nice game.