View Full Version : help with el capital

20th Nov 2007, 01:48
or whatever the level is called, were to the part where we have to go to the side entrane and dthen it says go to the main entrance, what dowe do? we have a RPG, what do we do with it?

21st Nov 2007, 00:13
i need more info and ill help u its sounds like u need blow up the BTRS im not sure.

21st Nov 2007, 00:40
Are you at the part where everyone (all the soldiers) are rushing the capitol and there are two sandbag nests on the left side of the capitol?

If so, you need to clear out the guys coming out where the Sand bags are, and then enter the capitol through the Sandbag area, it will take you to stars which lead up to the second floor, and then follow that into the capitol.