View Full Version : SENTINEL Flying melee

5th Dec 2013, 01:39
Any way we can get a normal attack (left click) while flying, just normal damage though. I don't know how many times I've just been watching mid air because there's nothing I can do. It'd also be cool to have a little hit-and-run going on with it. Obviously, you can't chain attacks together, like on the ground, but a swipe here and there timed well would be cool.

Also, I think the air dodge would be a bit more useful if you moved a little farther left or right when it activates.

5th Dec 2013, 18:43
I kind of like this. My hit and run right now is just dive, wing flap, and hope i can climb faster than they can get up and shoot me. Not always possible since I use my sentinel as more of a bunker buster.

5th Dec 2013, 23:31
Never say never, but I can't see us adding this in the foreseeable future. Sentinels are intentionally offensively limited to cooldown-driven abilities while in the air to prevent teams of skilled Sentinels from constantly doing hit and runs and being generally unstoppable.

Also the air dodge does travel quite a ways but the local camera makes it hard to gauge how far you went. If you watch another Sentinel do it you can see how far he goes. We need to tweak that camera so it feels more satisfying to air dodge.

6th Dec 2013, 00:23
That makes sense, but I don't think adding a lone single swipe is that off putting. You have to fly pretty low to begin with, time it well, HOPE A SCOUT DOESN'T SNIPE YOU, and it's only a lone attack. The turnaround time in itself is a cooldown for it.

8th Dec 2013, 19:45
Just by swooping and grabbing someone to drag them off is good enough I think. The drop already does a ton of damage if you drop them in the right spot and they are separated from their friends. Hitting the ground is a bit of a stun and any other attentive vampires should surely capitalize on the hapless victim. Melee would make it too good and a scout that is snatched from off the top of a building and falls just that much further is likely to die at the ground regardless of your melee in flight. The challenge of getting a 'Double Snatch' with two sentinels is also just entirely too enjoyable when you get it.

Just dodge frequently in the air and that usually helps though. Fly in random patterns and only the most skilled people will hit you.

The only thing I wouldn't mind if there was a 'Turn Around' sort of move. Kinda like a 'Roll Backwards' sort of feel? Kinda like aerial maneuvers that weren't just a 'shunt' to left or right (Would be neat if the 'Shunt' was more of a Barrel Roll...yes I know the jokes and I mean an 'Actual' barrel roll, not an Aileron Roll). W+Space to do a sort of 'pre-programmed short dive' and or S+Space to do a 'Wingover' or 'Split S' maneuver to spin around in the opposite direction. Though a Wingover is probably less appropriate for self-powered flight.

9th Dec 2013, 00:28
I could deal with a barrel roll too. That would be cool.

9th Dec 2013, 19:27
I could deal with a barrel roll too. That would be cool.

Some more free flying movement. (Warthunder style)
Or would that make the vampire OP haha

But would indeed be fun to have some more freedom in the sky.

10th Dec 2013, 14:16
Its actually currently not viable to play sentinal anymore. When the human players get to a certain level of skill you can basically forget it, you will get owned up so hard by scout / hunter you will not have a positive k/d.

It would certainly help a great deal to give the sentinal some better ways of avoiding damage while flying around like a giant target in the air.