View Full Version : Can't play Multiplayer in a private session!!!?? Xbox 360

18th Nov 2007, 23:05
Hello good people, when I first got this game my friends and I could play together in a private session with no apparent problems. Today, 11/18/07, 4 of us wanted to play yet only three were able to show up in the lobby. It didn't matter who hosted the game, one person couldn't join, and no it wasn't the same person. whats going on?!?!? any info would help because we all would hate to think we just wasted $60 dollars on a game that we can't play when we want to. this is for Xbox 360

21st Nov 2007, 00:06
ive herd of this problem on gow halo 3 comand and conquer its sound like a router problem with one of u yes even if its person 1 then person 2 ect ect.