View Full Version : NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Thief 1 can't work,Please help

18th Nov 2007, 18:04
My computer has NVIDIA GeForce 6200. I have direct 9x. Thief doesn't work. İn first I have warning
"Direct 3D device driver does not accurately report texture memory usage"

but now this warning isn't coming(probably I installed some nvidia drivers).
but stşill it doesn't work. What can I do? Please help...

18th Nov 2007, 21:25
I can solve this probklem by clicking thief.exe propoties
Run this program in Windows/NT Servise Pack 5
Run in 256 color
Run in 480*640

İt works.
But in the game it suddenly crashes...How can I solve problemm?

19th Nov 2007, 02:59
Based on the error message, I assume you are playing Thief 2. Edit the file user.cfg. Remove the semicolon from the front of the line

That should solve the texture problem. There may be other problems, too. If you have a dual core CPU you need to set affinity to one processor. Before going into that in detail, please post your system stats.

19th Nov 2007, 15:18
No man Thief 1...

19th Nov 2007, 15:45
I searched alot but I can't solve problem. Game suddenly crashes(especialy when I use item when guards attack me,when I click right mouse). I habe no dual proceesor. The game is working from C.D. Can İt be the cause of crashing? How can I fix the problem?